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IMPD police kills homicide suspect Wednesday afternoon at east side Indianapolis gas station



Indianapolis, Indiana – Wednesday afternoon shooting at east side Indianapolis gas station resulted with one person shot to death by IMPD officer.

According to police, the suspect was wanted for at least one warrant and he was a suspect in another case, homicide.

The police didn’t identify the 33-year-old suspect who was shot to death in the incident at 12 p.m. in the area of East 21st Street and North Ritter Avenue. The suspect was well-known offender with serious violent crime record.

Officers with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit were tracking the suspect when they encountered them with a firearm, Foley said. The man ran inside a business, police followed and two detectives fired their weapons during the incident.

Luckily, no other people involved in the incident were injured. Officers involved in the operation didn’t have body cameras when the incident occurred.

“I think it’s important to recognize that anytime an individual is shot, whether it’s by the police or someone else, members of our community are impacted by this. That’s not ignored by our department,” IMPD officials said. “It’s also important to acknowledge that the officers who engage in this type of incident are also impacted in their own way.”

The Internal Affairs Unit is investigating the case as usual since police officer was involved in deadly shooting.

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