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In a disagreement over proximity, Taco Bell owners are going to federal court



Indianapolis, Indiana – Situated barely a tenth of a mile away on West Washington Street, the owner of the Taco Bell at Circle Centre Mall has filed a lawsuit against the newly proposed Taco Bell Cantina, claiming unfair competition.

The complaint, which was submitted to Marion County Court, claims that the two Taco Bell restaurants are too close together to comply with the franchise agreement. According to the proprietor, the Circle Centre Mall Taco Bell’s business is put at risk by the Cantina’s existence.

A Marion County Court judge gave the Taco Bell Cantina owner 30 days on Monday to reply to the case. When Taco Bell’s corporate decision-maker for franchise agreements, the Taco Bell Franchisor, filed a notice to transfer the case to federal court on Wednesday morning, the legal struggle intensified.

According to the proprietor of Taco Bell in Circle Centre Mall, the establishment does not fall under the category of a “captive” location. According to reports, a Taco Bell executive stated that the location’s main clientele is mall patrons.

But Taco Bell Cantina sets itself apart from regular Taco Bell locations. It has an open kitchen, sells drinks, has a dining area, has live music, and stays open late till four in the morning. These distinctive products are meant to draw customers who aren’t just mall patrons.

Cantina has declared that this Saturday will be the grand opening, notwithstanding the legal dispute.


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