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Indiana GOP Chair will resign after turbulent party convention



Indianapolis, Indiana – Anne Hathaway, the head of the Indiana GOP party, is resigning just ten months after being nominated to the position by departing Governor Eric Holcomb.

Her resignation was revealed soon after the state party convention delegates rejected the backing of former President Donald Trump and the party leadership in favor of nominating an extreme conservative pastor to be lieutenant governor and run with U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, the contender for governor.

The first female to occupy the role was Hathaway. This July 15–18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she is also the chair of the committee planning the Republican National Convention.

According to the state party, Hathaway was unanimously re-elected as national committeewoman on Friday and notified members during the same meeting that she would be relinquishing her state leadership position. On June 24, members of the Indiana Republican State Committee will choose Hathaway’s replacement. According to the party, Joe Elsener, the executive director, is also retiring.

In the party’s announcement, Hathaway stated, “The timing is right having just concluded our 2024 State Convention, and I look forward to working with Senator Braun and the members of our Republican State Committee to select our next chair.”

The convention came to an abrupt end on Saturday when delegates chose Micah Beckwith—co-host of the podcast “Sex, Jesus, and Politics”—as his running mate instead of state representative Julie McGuire, who espouses hardline views.