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Indiana is one of the worst states to find a job in



Indianapolis, Indiana – Even without having to worry about the well of opportunity outside your door running dry, finding a job is not an easy task.

Those in Indiana who are having trouble finding work may have found comfort in the knowledge that it would undoubtedly be even harder to wrangle in that elusive employment opportunity in larger cities or in more populous states like California or Texas. However, a recent study indicates that Indiana may really be worse off than almost every other state in the nation.

Indiana is reportedly once again at the bottom of yet another rating, according to Scholaroo. These recent discoveries suggest that even work may be difficult to come by in the Hoosier state, which was previously determined to have little “joy.”

Indiana would have become boring if he had only done work. But what if there is no work or play? What is left for us Indiana residents?

Corn. The solution is corn.

According to Scholaroo, while ranking “The Best and Worst States to Get a Work in 2023,” Indiana comes in just a few ticks above dead last.

In the final rankings, Indiana was ranked 48th. Only Mississippi and Louisiana came in last. That’s right, this time, Indiana residents can’t even phone their West Virginian relatives to brag.

By segmenting the states into five major categories, which were then examined and rated, Scholaroo was able to determine its rankings. The job market, affordability, state economies, quality of life, and business friendliness were the five main areas.

Thereafter, each of these five major categories was divided into 43 metrics, each of which was given a point value. This is a complete analysis of these metrics.

Indiana performed poorly, coming in at number 46 out of 50 in the job market. Indiana fared just slightly better in State Economy, coming in at position 43.

But surely that Midwest friendliness would benefit the Hoosier state in the category of Corporate Friendliness?

Nope. When it came to business friendliness, Indiana ranked 38th.

The Hoosier state’s affordability was its savior. Indiana placed 30th in the Quality of Life ranking after earning a good 13th-place finish in Affordability.

What metrics contributed to Indiana’s low rating for job opportunities? Pay gaps throughout the state.

When it comes to keeping up with wage adjustments, Indiana just barely escaped coming in last place. Only Kentucky performed worse in terms of adjusting to pay increases.

In terms of new business growth, state parks, venture capital opportunities, change in GDP, self-employment, and average weekly hours worked, Indiana was in the worst five states.

In areas where Indiana performed well, it ranked eighth in cost of living, tenth in income taxes, and eleventh in house value.

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