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Indiana man accused of beating mom to death with sledgehammer



LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Police say an Indiana man beat his 91-year-old mother to death with a sledgehammer because “he is about to be exposed for committing awful crimes.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, it happened at a home in Portage, on the northern tip of Indiana.

Police say on Sunday, Feb. 23, 59-year-old Charles Trumble called dispatchers to say that he killed his mother by hitting her with a sledgehammer.

When officer arrived, they looked through the window and saw a woman lying on her back, and a man lying next to her with a cell phone in his hand. Officers then entered the home and identified the man as Charles Trumble and the woman as Dixie Trumble, Charles’ mom.

Police ordered Charles Trumble to roll over and put his hands behind his back and he was taken into custody.

Dixie Trumble was declared dead. Police say she had a head wound, and found  a bloody sledgehammer nearby.

Trumble allegedly told officers, “My mom was a distinguished woman. I am about to be in trouble for some really bad stuff and I killed her so she wouldn’t be exposed to it.”

He was arrested and charged with murder. Trumble is currently being held in the Porter County Detention Center.