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Indiana man sentenced to almost nine decades in prison for murdering his girlfriend and kidnapping the baby in 2020 incident



Indiana – Indianapolis man was sentenced to almost nine decades in prison for the last year’s incident on Indy’s northeast side when he killed his girlfriend and later kidnapped the baby.

According to the Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears, the 27-year-old Tyree Henning was found guilty and sentenced to 85 years behind bars for killing his girlfriend Yana Orr in the April 2020 incident. The sentence was announced by the judge on Friday.

Additionally, Henning was convicted of Robbery Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury and Leaving the Scene of an Accident, apart from the murder and kidnapping charges.

The incident happened on a gas station parking lot in the Indy’s northeast side and the whole incident was caught on video. On the video, Henning is clearly seen pointing a gun into Orr’s head and her falling to the ground.

He then left the dead body on the parking and fled the scene with his vehicle while his girlfriend’s baby was still on the backseat.

“This case illustrates the devastating consequences that intimate partner violence can have on entire families,” Mears said. “Ms. Orr was senselessly killed while attempting to help her sister and her sister’s children get away from a hostile situation.”

Yana Orr, 31, was murdered in April 2020 when she was shot at the Circle K gas station in the 2100 block of North Shadeland Avenue. Orr was taken to Methodist Hospital in critical condition, but she later died from her injuries.

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