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Indiana man sentenced to seven decades in prison in connection with the beating death of his 4-year-old son



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Tuesday, a judge in Indiana handed down a 70-year jail term to a father who pleaded guilty to murder and felony battery charges.

The man was caught on video hitting his 4-year-old son at least 28 times over the course of two days over potty training. The video footage was captured on a surveillance camera that was installed in the family’s home.

A forensic pathologist by the name of Dr. John Feczko testified that an autopsy revealed the child to have only weighed 36 pounds. According to Feczko, an X-ray revealed that the boy had a fractured collarbone that was only half healed. Additionally, the boy experienced bleeding on the brain as well as damage to his abdomen and back.

Jacob Koch, the lead investigator for LaPorte County in this case, described the footage that showed Alan Morgan, 29, of Hamlet, repeatedly abusing Judah Morgan in the days leading up to the discovery of his dead body on October 11, 2021.

Koch alleged that the video showed Morgan repeatedly striking his son, holding the youngster up by his neck and throwing him on the floor, and leaving him alone for hours in a chilly, dark basement that had no furniture. Koch also said that Morgan left his son alone for hours in the basement. Morgan was recorded punching the youngster at least 15 times on October 8th, after previously punching him at least 13 times on October 7th.