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Indiana rated as one of the least fun states in America



Indiana – Perhaps Indiana is just home to grain after all.

Among the least enjoyable states in America, according to recent research, is the Hoosier state.

Indiana is among the 10 least “fun” states in the United States, according to WalletHub.

Fun is a difficult metric to quantify, but WalletHub tried their hand at it by comparing all 50 states in two important categories: “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife.”

Then, for each of these two categories, 26 pertinent metrics were selected and scored on a scale of 100. These segmented variables include natural ones like coastal mileage, optimum weather, and beach quality as well as artificial ones like restaurants per capita, golf courses per capita, music festivals per capita, and the number of attractions.

Perhaps, Indiana had a chance in categories like “Average Beer and Wine Costs” and “Time of Last Call,” but it might be difficult to compete with the beaches of California and Florida or the ski resorts of Colorado.

After all, California has a 2 a.m. last call whereas Indiana has a 3 a.m. final call. Golden State: checkmate.

In a couple of the criteria, such as “Access to National Parks” (48th) and “Skiing Facilities per Capita,” Indiana was shown to be quite near the bottom (okay, that one adds up).

So who really wants “Perfect Weather”? It only takes a few days when Hoosiers dislike the weather.

Although Indiana’s overall position was 40th, it did compete in the “Nightlife” rankings, finishing a respectable 21st.

Hoosiers can find comfort in the knowledge that West Virginia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Alabama, Vermont, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Mississippi all offer even less pleasure than Indiana, despite the fact that it’s never easy to place close to the bottom of any rankings.

Hoosiers, go ahead and boast. Contact all of your relatives who live in West Virginia.


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