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Indiana woman wins court case, Bloomington home improvement contractor to pay her almost $35k for fraud



Bloomington, Indiana – Bloomington based home improvement contractor will have to pay almost $35k to a woman after he pleaded guilty in court to avoid felony conviction.

According to the court records, Codey Hall will have to pay $34,844 to a former customer Erica Hudson within 90 days because he didn’t finish his job when he was hired in 2019.

Reportedly, Hudson paid Hall a total of $30,000 to do an addition in her house. Back in 2019, Hall was working for Cosar Construction.

“That was my entire divorce settlement,” Hudson said. “That was my whole life savings right there. ”

Hudson said that in one occasion, Hall laid a concrete and that’s all he did ever since. According to Hudson, he never ever came back nor he finished what he was paid for.

“I kept calling him saying ‘are you coming back, when are you coming back?’” Hudson said. “I never heard from him so I called him and said, ‘You’re fired. I want my money back.'”

Months after Hudson contacted the law enforcement, the case was still under investigation. On Nov. 19, 2019, Greene County prosecutors finally filed theft and home improvement charges against Hall — a felony and misdemeanor charge respectively.

Hall pleaded guilty for theft in court and prosecutors decided to dismiss the home improvement fraud charges as a part of the plea agreement.

According to them, Hall will now have to pay Hudson $34,844 in restitution and $3,500 to another customer. In late August, a judge sentenced Hall — including one-year probation beside the payments.

If Hall pays the restitution within 90 days of his conviction and he does not commit any new criminal offenses while on probation, the felony theft charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor, records show.

But despite the fact that Hall was now ordered to pay the amount to his former customer, Hudson still doesn’t believe that she will finally get her money back after two years since the incident occurred.

The Cosar Construction website is no longer working and neither is the company’s phone number.

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