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Indianapolis Animal Care Services receives calls about abandoned dogs on every single day



Indianapolis, Indiana – Every day, calls are made to Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) asking them to come pick up abandoned canines that have been discarded in alleyways, yards, and streets.

Dogs have been reported abandoned on private property on occasion, but discovering dogs in fenced-in yards is not a common occurrence, according to Roxie Randall, the IACS Public Information Officer.

“I would say it’s more frequently that people find them roaming around alleys or down the street or something like that as opposed to being confined into a stranger’s yard,” said Randall.

According to Randall, having a dog placed in your yard when its aggression level is unknown can be risky.

“It is definitely very scary to have a dog appear in your yard, especially if you own dogs yourself,” Randall said. “If you don’t own dogs, it can be just as surprising for there to be this new dog in your yard that you don’t know and you don’t know how they are going to react.”

When left to wander the streets by themselves, abandoned dogs are also quite likely to get hurt.

“A dog that’s been dumped, they can potentially wander into traffic and be hit by a car,” Randall said. “They can get into fights with other dogs or even other animals like wildlife in the area, or resident dogs if they’ve been dumped inside of somebody’s fence.”

Help is available, according to Randall, even though it is tough to understand why so many dogs are being abandoned in Indianapolis.

“For anyone out there that feels like they are getting close to that decision, know that there are community resources to help you either hold onto your pets or hold onto them until they can be taken into a shelter or a rescue,” said Randall.

Help is available for those in need at FIDO, or Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, or through the Indy Cares program.

Due to a dearth of kennel space and manpower, IACS is still in emergency intake status.

All surrendered pets will be at significant risk of being put to death, according to the website.



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