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Indianapolis-based Creative Works is growing and seeking to hire more employees



Indianapolis, Indiana – The 25-year-old entertainment company Creative Works has just unveiled the Theme Factory, a brand-new 69,000-square-foot facility in Indianapolis.

Nationally renowned for spreading joy through the design, manufacture, and installation of products for amusement parks that include laser tag, mini golf, escape rooms, and even virtual reality gaming. For pubs, museums, restaurants, and other nearby businesses, it also offers personalized theming and signage.

According to Armando Lanuti, owner and president of Creative Works, staff may complete every task in-house at the business’s new Theme Factory, which is located at 5767 Dividend Road.

“Twenty-five years ago, we got our start in laser tag, and it’s no longer just black light spatter paint everywhere,” Lanuti said. “I grew up in Indiana. It’s awesome to have 90 team members that we’ve been able to build this business with.”

With the possibility to add 50 additional employees, Lanuti claims they’re trying to increase the number of jobs in Indianapolis.

“We’re gonna grow with 50 more, but, you know, it’s just amazing what we get to do. Sculptors, painters, and carpenters. Instead of building office buildings, they get to build cool stuff,” Lanuti said. “We have a dozen positions already open for designers, project managers, and engineers, as well as all the trade skills and sculptors and stuff like that that we have.”