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Indianapolis driver may be involved in deadly 2021 hit-and-run



Vermillion, Indiana – About two years ago, a driver struck a victim and then fled, prompting investigators to search for him or her.

The hit-and-run incident, according to the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office, took place on February 23, 2021. On U.S. Highway 36, 51-year-old Edward Silotto was walking when a vehicle struck him and fled.

Silotto was taken by air to a hospital in Illinois but was later declared dead there.

Authorities think Silotto’s killer was operating a dark-colored extended cab truck with two rear wheels. The vehicle may have held building items in the bed and had a snow plow on the front. Authorities suspect that the car or its driver may be an Indianapolis native.

The truck was reportedly seen in many videos traveling east on U.S. Highway 36 from the Illinois state line, according to the office. Soon later, Silotto is seen leaving the gas station and heading east.

The truck is then seen making a northward turn onto State Road 71 before making an eastward turn onto County Road 500 South. On County Road 500 South, which connects to U.S. 36, the vehicle then made a turn to the east. A short while later, the truck was seen traveling east through Montezuma, into Rockville, and turning south onto U.S. Route 41 in Rockville.

Contact numbers for anyone with information are 765-492-3737 or 765-492-3838.