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Indiana’s fall color chronology is shown on an interactive map



Indianapolis, Indiana – We are less than three weeks away from Indiana’s peak fall color season if a well-known predictor of fall foliage is accurate. Every year,’s interactive map tracks changes across the country down to the county level.

As of this writing on October 10, the map characterizes Indiana’s hues as “partial,” with the remaining portion of the state being described as “patchy.” The demarcation generally extends from Adams County in the east to Benton County on the western state line.

The map indicates that the scenes will deepen to “near peak” and “partial,” respectively, in one week.

• On Oct. 23, the forecast says northern Indiana should be in full fall glory with the rest of the state close behind.

• Oct. 30 will then see most of the state in its richest colors, with the northern third starting to fade.

• By Nov. 6, only Posey County in the southwestern tip of Indiana will still be seeing “peak” colors.

Even though the time frame appears short, the best is still to come; the upper peninsula of Michigan and northern Minnesota have already passed their prime.

The leaf cam in Brown County is a popular resource for estimating Indiana’s hues.

The gradual transition from deep green to red, orange, and gold is captured on video once a year.

This year, the Salt Creek Trail trailhead, which is close to Nashville’s Brown County Inn, is the focus of the camera’s attention. The majority of the picture was still green on October 10, but the tallest trees’ crowns were beginning to turn gold.

Drew Narsutis, a forecaster for Storm Track 8, has also assembled a scientific analysis of the upcoming developments. He discusses in his piece why this year’s color display might be a little underwhelming in terms of timing and intensity due to the weather we’ve had thus far.