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Indy Department of Public Works getting ready for possible winter weather and how it will affect the roads



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has said that it is getting ready for anticipated winter weather. This comes amid rumors that starting on Friday night, a wintry mixture of rain and snow may be making its way into central Indiana.

A release from DPW on Thursday night stated that since central Indiana may see a mix of freezing rain and snow, officials would be closely observing the forecast and any possible effects on local traffic and highways.

“Winter weather is a challenge we face every year, but the circumstance of two systems back-to-back has the potential for larger impacts across the county and we want people to be prepared for that,” said Indy DPW Director Brandon Herget on Thursday. “The staff with Indy DPW are going about the preparation work this week so we can address the needs of Indianapolis when the weather hits.”

According to the weather report from Wednesday night, snow showers might start on Friday night and last until early Saturday morning. While “light accumulations” are anticipated, the prediction also mentioned that this would be the start of a more active cycle. This indicates that as we approach mid-January, there is a greater chance that central Indiana may have snow that genuinely “sticks,” based on the prediction.

The press release added that teams from all of Indy DPW’s divisions have been getting together daily this week to prepare for any possible snow showers or flurries at the beginning of the weekend. At this point, Indy DPW advised motorists to be aware of shifting road conditions as the likelihood of rain and snow steadily increases while they are out and about on the roads on Friday night and early Saturday morning.

On Saturday, big crowds are also anticipated in the downtown area for the Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse and the Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Hoosiers can stay safe this weekend when traveling through any potentially hazardous situations by following the advice given by the Indiana Department of Public Works.

Drivers must be informed of the state of the roads, according to Indy DPW. The National Weather Service offers real-time updates. Additional advice for drivers is to clear snow from their cars to improve visibility, to drive slowly and give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going, and to keep a toolkit full of winter necessities like a flashlight, batteries, blanket, water, gloves, boots, and a first aid kit in your car.




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