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Irish Fest is canceled due to financial difficulties



Indianapolis, Indiana – Indy Irish Fest is no longer held in Indianapolis after more than 25 years.

Since 1995, the event has always taken place in September, but it has been postponed. Over the weekend, organizers made the decision that the event couldn’t go on as planned.

The 2020 pandemic marked the beginning of the problems. Since that time, Irish Fest’s financial situation has not improved.

“We have been unable to make up for the loss of funds and keep up with increased expenses,” the group wrote in a Facebook post.

The occasion honored Irish history, custom, and culture. Live music, food, drinks, dancing, and much more may be expected from attendees. The non-profit, volunteer-run event’s entire net earnings were used to pay expenses.

Even if the event’s absence will leave a “shamrock-shaped hole” in September, the organizers seized the opportunity to express their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the festival.

“Special thank you to anyone who has ever attended the Indy Irish Fest. Fest fans, entertainers, vendors and musicians. Your joy, cheering, and dancing meant the world to us,” the post said. “We hope you had fun and take the memories you made with you for a lifetime. We know we will.”


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