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IU researchers driving the future of AI-powered vehicles



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University is collaborating with CODE19 Racing, an autonomous racing team based in Indianapolis, to create an AI-powered vehicle.

The vehicle autonomy and intelligence lab is headed by Professor Lantao Liu.

“IU Luddy school will be responsible for programming or developing the AI driver, meaning that we will eventually need to accomplish a full stack of code,” said Liu.

Every motion a human driver could make on the track, including accelerating, decelerating, changing lanes, and passing another vehicle, will be replicated by the code.

“The decision will be computed from the AI driver to replace human decisions, so the car can drive on the track a very similar way as human drivers,” said Liu.

With the exception of the cockpit, the finished vehicle has the exact same appearance of a race car piloted by a human.

“We want to challenge the AI limits, and we want to push the boundaries for the research for AI driver, and the second motivation is to help education at IU,” said Liu.

Undergraduate and graduate students from IU are collaborating on this project with PHD students. They divide up into groups, with each group in charge of creating a certain part of the vehicle.

“If we regard the racing car event as an exciting sport, we want to see whether that AI driver will eventually reach the level of a human driver, or even go beyond that way,” said Liu.

The Luddy School will race the vehicle against other AI-powered vehicles and even human racing car drivers worldwide once it is constructed.