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Known as Indiana’s “strangest home,” the Kessler mansion



Indianapolis, Indiana – The oddest house in Indiana has been identified as an Indianapolis icon noted more for its bizarreness than its beauty.

The Kessler mansion at 4915 and 4923 Kessler Blvd East Drive is reportedly the weirdest property in Indiana. Cheapism searched the nation for the strangest residences in each state.

The 11-bedroom house on the northeast side of Chicago has sometimes been referred to as the “ugliest house in America.” It is a large estate with a jumble of windows and elaborate dolphin statues and gargoyles adorning the grounds.

In accordance with Marion County assessor records, it was last sold in February 2022 for $660,000. From its $2.2 million asking price in 2012, it has decreased significantly.

The enormous residence is being converted to apartments, according to a January report from The Indy Star.

Curious visitors flocked to the house in June 2022 for an estate sale where artworks and furnishings were for sale.

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