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Large crowds attend plane pull in memory of deceased leukemia patient



Indianapolis, Indiana – Teams of 10 worked to pull a 24-ton airplane 15 feet during the 11th Annual Republic Airways Plane Pull on Saturday morning close to the Indianapolis International Airport.

To remember Tyler Frenzel, who was afflicted with leukemia at the age of 7, the fundraising was established in 2011. Pam, his mother, claims that after receiving care at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, the boy passed away two years later. She claims her son was a kind-hearted young man.

“People would donate money to him when he was sick. Tyler would turn around and give it to an organization that needed it or that was close to his heart,” she shared. “That’s how it sort of all started. That’s why we continue to do what he taught us because he knew it wasn’t about him. It was about helping others.”

Riley Hospital for Children, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, and other regional health organizations benefit from the event’s proceeds. According to the organizers, $3.6 million has been collected overall since 2011.