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Lilly to acquire biopharmaceutical company Morphic



Indianapolis, Indiana – The biopharmaceutical business Morphic will be acquired by Eli Lilly and business, the company said on Monday morning.

Leading the way in the creation of oral integrin medications and treatments, such as a molecular inhibitor for inflammatory bowel disease, is how the Massachusetts-based company Morphic portrays itself.

According to the statement, trials on Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis were evaluating this same molecular treatment. Additionally, according to Morphic, they are working on a pipeline of additional molecular therapies for cancer, fibrotic disorders, pulmonary hypertensive diseases, and autoimmune diseases.

According to Lilly’s chief scientific officer, Dr. Daniel Skovronsky, who also serves as president of Lilly Research Laboratories and Lilly Immunology, the business is excited to have Morphic join it and enhance patient results.

“Oral therapies could open up new possibilities for earlier intervention in diseases like ulcerative colitis, and also provide the potential for combination therapy to help patients with more severe disease,” Skovronsky said. “We are eager to welcome Morphic colleagues to Lilly as this strategic transaction reinforces our commitment to developing new therapies in the field of gastroenterology, where Lilly has made significant investments to deliver first-in-class molecules for the benefit of patients.”

Lilly claims that in accordance with the provisions of the contract, Lilly will make an offer to purchase all of the Morphic shares for $57 a share, or around $3.2 billion upon close.