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Lisa’s Girls officially launches in Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – The official launch of Alexis Rogers’ non-profit is underway.

Along with her sisters, she is a co-founder of Lisa’s Girls. By offering resources to individuals in Indianapolis and online, they want to motivate the upcoming generation of leaders.

“We are excited to get this community grounded in Indianapolis, and it will also be available online,” Rogers said.

Lisa’s girls hosted complimentary breakout sessions with special visitors on Sunday.

“There are so many girls and women that have opened up today and learning new skills, and they are really taking away a lot. They made new relationship, and I am really excited,” said Mia Rogers, co-founder of Lisa’s Girls.

More over half of American women and girls are women of color, according to the organizers. “It is imperative to cultivate experiences and provide a tool that shifts the lens of leadership to one that is intersectional and culturally inclusive.”

According to their website, Lisa’s Girls is “creating intergenerational change towards empowering, culturally diverse spaces.”

Check out to stay updated on upcoming Lisa’s Girls activities.