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Many racers participate in the Pinewood Derby at the Indiana State Museum



Indianapolis, Indiana – It’s time for the second-best racing spectacular in Indiana. Participants in the Pinewood Derby are lining up at the Indiana State Museum from all around central Indiana.

The museum’s second floor will be used to launch the cars, which will then race down the 125-foot track to the finish line.

The hundreds of guests not only have a great time, but they also learn a lot.

“Crashes do happen, so from those crashes we learn how to put our cars back together. We always have some materials so in case wheels pop off – we can fix them here,” shared Hayley Wilson, the director of interpretation at the Indiana State Museum.

You may bring your own creation or borrow a vehicle. On the final day, there is a best-in-show competition, and racing is available to spectators.

Wilson added, “We definitely have repeat visitors that we get to know over the years. So we get to see how kids, maybe their first car was just a block of wood with wheels, then you see their design and how much they learn each year – it’s really exciting.”

Through April 8, you may observe the action on the Pinewood Derby track. Museum entrance includes participation in fun runs.

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