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Massive fire breaks out in Richmond, prompting a call for evacuation



Richmond, Indiana – Residents of Richmond who reside within half a mile of a raging industrial fire have been given evacuation orders.

A fire that started at an industrial facility at 358 NW F Street in Richmond is spewing a sizable plume of black smoke into the sky over Richmond.

According to media partners, the location was formerly a producer of lawnmowers but is currently being utilized for storage after being shuttered for a number of years.

According to Richmond Mayor David Snow, plastic is kept in the facility.

The Wayne County Emergency Management Agency has issued an evacuation order for everyone living within half a mile of the fire.

Residents in Richmond who are more than half a mile from the fire are advised to shelter in place, which means they should shut their windows and doors and switch off their HVAC systems. Pets ought to be brought inside as well.

Richmond Community Schools reports that owing to the size of the fire, all after-school activities have been suspended.

There have been no reported injuries. Mayor Snow reported that adjacent fire agencies had been contacted for assistance.

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