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Mecum Auctions roars into Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana — A lot of muscle cars, classic cars, and Corvettes are making noise at the Indiana State Fairgrounds these days.

Dana Mecum’s 45th Original Spring Classic collector car auction is underway now through May 21.

An estimated 3,000 cars and 2,400 road art and memorabilia items are set to cross the auction block.

According to Mecum Auctions CEO Dave Magers, this year’s auction is open to buyers, sellers, and car lovers of all ages.

“The doors open at eight o’clock every day from today through the 21st,” Magers said. “We start the auction at 10 o’clock and it’s wild and crazy. We run a car across the block every two minutes until we finish the day, usually at about seven o’clock at night, and we’ll run 350 cars a day.”

Mecum sold 1,715 cars at the fairgrounds, in 2021. The highest-seller was a 1930 Duesenberg Model SJ Rollston Convertible Victoria that was originally built in Indianapolis. It sold for $2.97 million.

Tickets for children and adults can be purchased at the gate and online.

Buyers interested in placing a bid can do so in person, online, or by phone.