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Meeting Held by Brownsburg School Officials with Parents of Special Education Students in Response to Staffer’s Arrest



Brownsburg, Indiana – Following the arrest of staff members who harmed a special needs kid, Brownsburg Community School Corporation officials met with parents whose children attend the Life Skills program for students in special education on Wednesday night.

“I have been very nervous and anxious to send my son to school,” said parent Erin Brunner.

Brunner’s child is enrolled in the life skills course for pupils in special education. She reiterates what parents have been saying to us for weeks.

“My son is nonverbal so it’s like your biggest fear,” said Nicole Black.

Concern has arisen when, according to officials, a 7-year-old pupil with cognitive difficulties was made to eat his own vomit by the lunchroom personnel. For almost two months, no employee reported this.

Six employees were involved, according to court records, although only five are currently charged. They’ve all either been let go or quit.

“It was really stressful. We contemplated moving,” said parent Blair Evans. “We felt significantly better after the board meeting. I feel better after tonight.”

According to some parents, Wednesday’s meeting was about the next actions district officials plan to take.

“More monitoring of the cameras, possibly more cameras in places, reporting structures training,” said Black.

“They said we are going to have a parent advisory group that is specific to Life Skills parents,” said Evans. “Actually, some of the parents said they had really great ideas about putting a badge reader in the seclusion room so you can know if someone went in there.”

Parents also reported a tour of the classrooms was part of the meeting.

Families who want to remain anonymous said they were unaware of the existence of an isolation room.

“We were allowed to go in it, look at it, and they said it is something if you don’t want used to address that at your IEP meeting to express preferences about its use,” said Evans.

The student will require extensive therapy and psychological care to recover from the abuse, according to a lawsuit.

Other parents expressed their desire to prevent their children from experiencing this.

“I would like to see cameras,” Brunner said. “I know a lot of the other parents have expressed concerns that they would like to have cameras in the room.”

“I appreciate the fact that they are trying to step up and address this,” Black said.