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Money-saving tips for Halloween 2023



Indianapolis, Indiana – Halloween is quickly approaching, and according to a national trade association, American consumers will spend more than they have in previous years.

According to the National Retail Federation, this year’s Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations will cost consumers $12.2 billion. In comparison, the United States spent $10.6 billion last year.

The Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana offers some financial advice to trick-or-treaters and Halloween enthusiasts ahead of time so they can make the most of the anticipated record-breaking season.

Rick Walz, the CEO of the local bureau, suggests repurposing old clothing to create a brand-new ensemble for your festivities. In addition, he advises against buying this year and rather renting a new one. Save closet space by implementing both of these tips.

Purchase candy in bulk! Walz claims you may save money on each piece of candy by purchasing more at once. He goes on to say that more trick-or-treaters will be out on Halloween due to the anticipated increase in sales. Who doesn’t enjoy leftover candy, too?

Walz advises prospective guests to read internet reviews before purchasing tickets for any special events or haunted homes.

Regardless of the season, consumers should make sure they are utilizing websites with “HTTPS” in the URL when they shop online. The letter “S” represents security.

“Look up the website’s privacy policy and contact information,” Walz said in a release. “If it is not clearly listed, or they only have an email as the point of contact, take that as a big red flag and shop elsewhere.”

Also, he recommends using credit cards rather than debit cards when making purchases online since credit cards typically offer stronger fraud protection.

Shoppers may find unique and imaginative décor at seasonal stores that aren’t available throughout the year.

If a customer needs to make a return, they should ask for a website or contact details when they shop in person.




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