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Monroe Co. Will Administer Pfizer Vaccine At New Assembly Hall Clinic



Monroe County’s new mass COVID-19 vaccination site opening at Assembly Hall later this month will administer the Pfizer vaccine.

Head of IU’s COVID-19 response Kirk White said the state is supplying the site with Pfizer because it is equipped to handle those doses that must be kept at subzero temperatures.

“We have several ultra-cold freezers on the campus and we’re moving them around, so we have a primary and a backup with generator power,” said White.

During Friday’s weekly community COVID-19 press conference, local health officials reiterated that it does not matter which dose of the vaccine people receive because they have all been proven to be safe and effective.

“The important thing to note is that no one from the trials who received these vaccines has died from COVID-19,” said Brian Shockney, IU Health South Central president.

Shockney said the small number of patients who still became ill after an inoculation experienced far less severe symptoms.

“People are really doing well with this vaccine and all indicators are very positive,” said Penny Caudill, Monroe County health administrator.

Caudill said the county also will receive some doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for use in some of its outreach programs.

“I think it’s important to try to continue building relationships and let people know that we believe in the vaccine and its safety. I would not ask somebody to take it if I weren’t willing to take it myself,” said Caudill.

Residents can sign up for an appointment at

The new Assembly Hall vaccination site is scheduled to open Monday, March 29.

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