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New baby kangaroo at the Indianapolis Zoo



Indianapolis, Indiana – Employees at the Indianapolis Zoo have issued a Kangaroo Kuteness Alert due to the cute nature of the newest acquisition.

Ziva, a two-year-old red kangaroo, had a “new little face” peering out of her pouch, according to a zoo announcement posted on Facebook on Monday.

Looking more closely, you can see the adorable little Joey curled up in Ziva’s pouch.

Joeys enter their mother’s pouch as soon as they are born, about eight months after the size of a jellybean, and they grow there. When sufficiently mature, the joey will begin to leave the pouch.

Ziva, the mother of the joey, is one of a group of red kangaroos who came in 2022 for the Kangaroo Crossing exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Visitors can get up close and personal with kangaroos and cockatoos, two additional distinctive Australian species, at Kangaroo Crossing. A few fortunate visitors will even get to stroke a kangaroo!











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