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New member at Indianapolis Zoo



Indianapolis, Indiana – Mara the chimpanzee will be joining the Indianapolis Zoo’s family, the zoo said on Friday.

The Department of Justice asked the Indianapolis Zoo if it could give Mara, who was lonely at a zoo in Puerto Rico, a home. Mara, who is 31 years old, hasn’t been dating anyone recently. Because they are extremely sociable creatures, chimpanzees require interaction with other apes to survive.

Mara will live with other chimpanzees in an enclosure at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Mara will be quarantined for her first month in a sizable private area. She will gradually be introduced to the zoo’s other five chimps after 30 days have passed.

This November, the Indianapolis Zoo’s chimpanzee group will relocate to the recently constructed international Chimpanzee Complex. Before Memorial Day weekend 2024, the Complex won’t be accessible to the general public.