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Officials in Richmond lift the evacuation order



Richmond, Indiana – The evacuation order for the city was rescinded at a press conference conducted by the City of Richmond officials on Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

At the news conference, Mayor Dave Snow as well as representatives from the Wayne County Health Department and Richmond Fire Department talked to the media.

According to Tim Brown of the Richmond Fire Agency, the agency is still looking into the fire site and is requesting the community’s patience while they do so.

Residents have access to Christine Stinson of the Wayne County Health Department. The kits should be used by the occupants to clean their dwellings’ rails, door handles, and other structures, according to Stinson.

For the foreseeable future, locals will still be able to access the official website for fire information.

Residents can still call the question hotline at 765-973-9300, which is available around the clock.