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OI Insights will take place at Leadership Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Tuesday, Leadership Indianapolis will offer an event that will provide attendees the opportunity to interact with local leaders while experiencing one facet of the civic life of the city.

On Monday’s Daybreak, two of the event’s organizers, Ebony Chappel, who is the director of programs and communication with Leadership Indianapolis, and Tamise Cross, who is the executive director with P30, discussed the forthcoming event.

“OI Insights was started last year and it’s a branch off of one of our flagship programs, which is Opportunity Indianapolis. There we take people on a two-day field trip, sort of around the city to get to know how the city runs,” Chappell said.

According to Cross, the co-working space known as P30, which is located on the far east side and caters primarily to business owners, places an emphasis on the social impact that is required to take place within the community. This year, participants will be directed to P30 in order to get knowledge about the impressive work that P30 is carrying out on the far east side.

“We went to go visit P30 last year on a staff meeting and I was blown away by not only the space … You know, something that’s really important for us at leadership Indianapolis is to make sure that people understand leadership as multicultural, multigenerational, and collaborative. They embody that collaborative spirit and it helps to change the narrative of the far east side and what people think about it,” Chappel said.


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