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One of the “absolutely greatest pastrami in the US” is from Shapiro’s Delicatessen



Indianapolis, Indiana – A stacked pastrami sandwich is a huge culinary achievement that few sandwiches can match.

Most Jewish deli menus in the United States, notably Shapiro’s Delicatessen in Indianapolis, still feature the specialty that Jewish immigrants, according to Mashed, brought to the country.

With a spot on Mashed’s list of the “Absolute Best Pastrami in the US,” the deli’s pastrami is receiving attention from across the country.

To be clear, this is not a ranking that highlights the top products from each state. Shapiro’s selection is all the more impressive given that only 12 eateries nationwide made the list.

“If you think the Midwest might not be the best place to find a great Jewish deli, one stop at Indianapolis’ Shapiro’s Delicatessen will have you changing your tune,” wrote Mashed.

The list claims that Shapiro uses fatty cow belly meat, seasoning it with spices, and then lightly smoking it.

The pastrami sandwich at the deli comes in both the classic manner and Shapiro’s version of a BLT, the PLT.

The family-run landmark in Indianapolis has been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for more than 115 years. Its corned beef sandwich has an almost universal appreciation.

There are two Shapiro’s locations: one at the Indianapolis International Airport and one at 808 S. Meridian Street in the heart of Indianapolis.

The very best pastrami in the US is described in more detail at

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