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One of the best places to observe the solar eclipse in 2024 is Bloomington



Bloomington, Indiana – A post on Explore selected Bloomington as one of the best locations to see the rare complete solar eclipse on April 8.

According to the article, Bloomington makes for a great viewing spot because of its distinct college-town vibe and the numerous festivities the city and university have scheduled for the weekend preceding the four-minute eclipse viewing.

The sun will be hidden by the moon in Bloomington since it will be in the path of totality. Bloomington and IU authorities anticipate a significant rush of tourists because the city will be a unique location to witness the eclipse; on April 8, the city’s daytime population may rise by over 300,000, according to News @ IU. All IU campuses have canceled in-person classes to assure everyone’s safety and the chance to witness this unique event.

In her blog entry on January 22, “Written by Whitten,” President Pamela Whitten highlighted a few community events taking place on and around campus. There will be multiple guest appearances at Memorial Stadium, including one by Mae Jemison, the first Black female astronaut. The Star Trek series actor William Shatner will also be present at the viewing.

The free Science Fest, open to all ages, will also be held at the institution. The Monroe County Fairgrounds will host the three-day Shadowfest Camping and Music Festival outside of campus.





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