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A decrease in gun violence signifies South Bend’s accomplishment



South Bend, Indiana – According to city officials, there has been a fall in gun-related violent crime. There has also been a noticeable uptick in the number of guns seized from offenders, which has led to a 48 percent drop in gun violence victims when compared to the average over the previous four years.

“That’s phenomenal. We wanted to be zero, but as long as we keep getting higher and higher, that’s getting better and better,” remarked Chief Scott Ruszkowski of the South Bend Police Department during Tuesday’s quarterly public safety meeting.

This success is ascribed to several things, such as shot spotters, Flock cameras, and photographs of gun violence. Community involvement also plays a role in the continued drop in crime rates, especially when it comes to private security cameras.

“Residents have done this as well with their ring cameras. You can register those, and if a detective goes out to a scene where a shooting occurs, they can identify registered cameras on patrol vehicles,” said Dan Skibins, Operations Division Chief of the South Bend Police Department.

Biggs noted, “We live in a technology state now in an era, and so we utilize flock shot spotters some of these other things that I don’t want to go into detail with that help us solve those crimes and help us there lead to point us in the right direction.”

Ruszkowski added that the success is also attributable to the dedication of detectives and officers. “They put their heart and soul into every one of these cases as if it were a family member.”


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