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One person hurt and one man 1 died as shooting breaks out at a Bloomington house party



Bloomington, Indiana – One guy was killed and another injured in an early Sunday morning shooting at a home party in Bloomington, according to the police.

The deceased man, age 23, has not yet been named.

Officers were summoned to a residence in the 500 block of S. Park Avenue at around two in the morning in response to a complaint of a call involving weapons, according to a press statement from the Bloomington Police Department. That block is located south of Indiana University in a residential neighborhood.

They discovered several individuals in the vicinity exiting a sizable home party when they got there. Police were informed by witnesses that someone had been shot.

The 23-year-old had a gunshot wound to the chest when investigators searched the area. Although they attempted to save the man’s life, they had to declare him dead at the spot.

Additionally, a shot 19-year-old guy was discovered by the police. Having sustained non-life-threatening injuries, he was brought to a hospital.

Officers were informed by partygoers that a white male with a bigger build and a pink sweater began shooting into the gathering. Later on, the individual was recognized as Linton, Indiana resident Isaiah Ramos, 21.

Witnesses told detectives on the scene that Ramos and two other individuals were turned away from the party because one of them had a gun in his waistband. When the three demanded to be allowed inside, a physical altercation broke out and spread to an alley nearby.

Witnesses reported to the police that Ramos started shooting into the crowd at that point.

Soon after investigators started looking for Ramos, a trooper from the Indiana State Police stopped a car carrying a passenger who fit Ramos’ description.

All three occupants of the car were taken into custody when the trooper discovered a pistol inside. After being questioned, Ramos was brought into custody.

He was charged with murder and criminal recklessness at the preliminary level and sent to the Monroe County jail. There was no bond placed on him. There isn’t currently a scheduled court date.

Rob Shrake of Bloomington Police Department is asking anyone with information to call 812-339-4477.

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