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Operation Domestic Disruption: Crackdown results in Indianapolis domestic abuse arrests



Indianapolis, Indiana – Recently, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and other state, municipal, and federal agencies conducted a warrant sweep to apprehend individuals who were wanted for domestic abuse.

This operation happened in October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, according to a Facebook post. As a consequence of Operation Domestic Disruption, the IMPD was able to serve 19 warrants, break up two domestic disturbances in progress, and make three arrests.

Kyle Oliver was one of the people arrested. Oliver was apprehended last Thursday by IMPD officers and U.S. Marshals on suspicion of domestic violence. Oliver tried to get away, but police found him and detained him, according to the IMPD. Oliver’s jacket also included a gun with an elongated magazine.

Oliver served time in a federal jail and had a history of violating gun laws, it was learned. in addition to spending time behind bars in Indiana on a burglary charge.





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