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‘Oppenheimer’ will be presented in the Indiana State Museum IMAX Theater as envisioned by the filmmaker



Indianapolis, Indiana – For “Oppenheimer,” which debuts this weekend, all eyes are on the Indiana State Museum’s IMAX.

It is one of only 30 places on earth that provides a truly exceptional theater experience.

The Indiana State Museum IMAX will be packed with thousands of spectators for “Oppenheimer.”

“I grew up watching Christopher Nolan’s movies, so I think it’s a great film to see,” said Brownsburg resident Natalie Bennett.

Neale Johantgen, manager of the IMAX, is pleased with the attendance.

He claims that the movie will be screened just as director Christopher Nolan intended.

“It’s really great to have a theater like this in the city to be able to play a film like ‘Oppenheimer’ on IMAX 70 mm film,” Johantgen said.

Johantgen claims that numerous preparations were made in order for it to take place. According to him, the video is 11 miles long from the first frame to the end, and each frame weighs more than 600 pounds.

“Traditional 35 mm film and then our standard 70 mm film that has five perforations compared to the IMAX that’s got 15, we’re about 10 times the size of 35 mm and three times the size of the standard 70 mm, so that means more detail, a brighter image, and a bigger image,” Johantgen said.

Brownsburg resident Ryan Bond said, “It’s the way it was shot and filmed, and it’s just really impressive seeing it on that huge screen. It’s just an awesome experience.”

Fewer theaters, according to Johantgen, provide this kind of experience.

“Lots of other theatres that have things like this in the past as they moved to digital, they got rid of their film projector. It’s expensive to run and maintain, but we held onto ours,” he said.

According to Johantgen, more and more individuals are purchasing tickets swiftly.

At least six performances are sold out, and approximately 14,000 tickets have been distributed.

According to Johantgen, there will be moviegoers traveling from all over the country, and occasionally they’ll roll out the red carpet to enhance the feeling of being in Hollywood.

Chicago resident AJ Lance said, “I got tickets on the day of sale, and they were already half sold out. So we didn’t even get the seats I wanted, but I’m glad that we’re still here. We’re from Chicago, so we’re not even from here.”

Lance added, “This is a pretty big moment for film, especially being on 70 mm.”


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