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Overflowing Indianapolis Animal Care Services provides free pet adoptions



Indianapolis, Indiana – To help empty the kennels, Indianapolis Animal Care Services is providing free pet adoptions.

Due to a staffing and kennel space shortage, the shelter had an emergency intake status on Sunday. The only animals the shelter would take in were those in dire straits.

Due to the overcrowding on Sunday, some canines were housed in kennels in the halls.

“We’re receiving upwards of 25-50 requests every day for people needing to bring an animal into the building, whether that’s owner surrenders or someone bringing in a lost pet,” said Roxie Randall, manager of community outreach for Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

Anyone looking to adopt a pet during the crisis must complete the application process, but the $60 fee is waived, according to Randall.

“All animals come spayed, neutered, and vaccinated,” Randall said. “Dogs are heartworm-tested and, if they are heartworm-positive, we pay for the treatment. They also receive age-appropriate vaccines.”

Location of the shelter: 2600 S. Harding St. On the south side of the city, that is located south of West Raymond Street.

The shelter also offers a foster program for people who want to help out. “We’re really flexible. If you can only foster for two weeks, we can get you set up with a dog or, if you want to be a cat foster that needs a couple of week break from the shelter, you can do that,” Randall said.

Not all of the 150 to 200 canines at the shelter are up for adoption. Others haven’t been given the all-clear for adoption, while some are lost pets that the shelter first tries to reunite with their owners.

“We’ve got a good variety of ages and sizes and breeds. As well, it’s not just all pit bulls, though a lot of them may look like pit bulls.”

Although the Indianapolis Animal Care Services website claims that due to the emergency intake status, surrendered pets are at a high risk of being put to death, the organization does not euthanize animals for space.

Animals that are sick, wounded, or aggressive are also in high danger of being put to death.

The government-run shelter is also in need of volunteers to help with tasks and contributions of food, liquid dish soap, and laundry detergent.

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