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Pet hospital is subject to fines for garbage dropped at a new location



Indianapolis, Indiana – All Pet Health Care on Washington Street has been dealing with theft, vandalism, and rubbish thrown in inappropriate places at their new building while it is being remodeled for months.

The project has been delayed because of all that has happened. They had originally planned to launch the location in October.

“They vandalize your progress, steal your HVAC, or they steal the workers’ vehicles over there. It’s hard to get people back over there,” manager Veronica Vance said.

They also received a notice from the Department of Business & Neighborhood Services in Indianapolis threatening fines due to the rubbish that others are disposing of on the property.

“If you don’t get this cleaned up, we’re going to do upwards of 2500 dollars for fines and penalties,” the Director of Communications of Noah’s Animal Hospital, Thomas Dock said.

The letter is very frustrating for them. “We’re taking the steps we need. We put up a security fence. We’ve got security cameras,” Dock said.

The letter was sparked, according to the city, by a tip they received from a member of the public, I-Team 8 reported.

In a statement, the Department of Business & Neighborhood Services said, “We’re hoping to connect with the owner/occupant next week to work with them on the options they have, and whether an extension might allow them to get the trash cleaned up. With the ultimate goal of keeping our city clean, DBNS is always willing to work with property owners on these issues.”

They also said they’ll offer All Pet “no dumping” signs.

“We just need a little bit more help,” Dock said.

They are requesting the community’s assistance by encouraging them to keep a lookout for any unusual activities.

“If you guys see people across the street, call the police,” Vance said.

If assistance from the neighborhood can stop delays brought on by vandalism and garbage dumping, All Pet Health Care said they hope to open the new store by the end of March.

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