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Price of driving school for teens increased



Indiana – AA Driving School has been around for decades and says gas prices have nearly doubled, meaning their expense for gas has almost doubled.

They’ve had to raise their prices but president Tina Nicolazzi says by less than one percent.

“Things are high for everyone,” Nicolazzi said. “Parents will call and ask for discounts and we tell them right now, we’re not running any because of the gas prices. But we’ve also not really increased our prices either in the hopes we’re being friendly for them financially for them and everyone who is struggling.”

The slightly higher prices are helping to offset the costs but not enough for the driving school to recover. “This is our busiest time of year, all the schools are out,” Nicolazzi said. “Everyone is trying to get drivers education in during the summer.”

Nicolazzi shared a few tips for parents looking to get their students enrolled this summer!

Ask driving schools if they offer any discounts. Some offer discounts if you enroll more than one student at once or if you’re a AAA member or service member.

With gas prices continuing to go up, she says to expect the price of driving schools to continue to do the same. Her advice? Enroll sooner rather than later to make sure you get the best price.