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Record-breaking travel weekend may experience significant delays



Indianapolis, Indiana – Many people are frustrated as further delays and cancellations are anticipated around the country following a record-breaking travel weekend.

Triple AAA anticipates heavy traffic this Fourth of July weekend, both at the airport and on the highways. Over four million people will fly, and 43 million people are scheduled to travel by car over the holiday weekend.

The Fourth of July travel weekend has never been this busy, according to Triple AAA representatives! This year, there are 2.4% more drivers than last year and 4% more than in 2019.

Even further growth in air travel is anticipated. This holiday weekend, 4.17 million Americans will fly somewhere, up 11% from the previous year and nearly 7% from when the previous record was established in 2019.

However, whether you are flying or driving, delays and cancellations are to be expected during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

Severe weather is one of the main causes of these delays if you are flying this weekend. This weekend is expected to bring another round of powerful thunderstorms and strong winds. Air traffic control staffing shortages on a national scale are a major issue, and several airlines have recently experienced technological difficulties.

Being patient is one of the most crucial things, whether you’re driving or flying. Additionally, it is advised that travelers depart early in the day.

“Be patient and be kind to people. We are all trying to get to a destination,” said Jamie Stephenson, who is flying to Baltimore.

If your initial flight is canceled or delayed and you have a flight this weekend, you will typically be rebooked with the same airline at no additional cost.

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