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Red Line Enhancement Project: IndyGo is enhancing bus stations to improve service quality and riders’ safety



The Red Line Enhancement Project is a plan by IndyGo to improve the safety and performance of the Red Line bus rapid transit system in Indianapolis, Indiana. The project will add rub rails to station platforms to prevent buses from hitting them, as well as repair pavement along the dedicated bus lanes and station bus pads. As previously confirmed, the Red Line Enhancement Project continued starting this month in what appears to be a $5.1 million worth of investment.

According to IndyGo, the weight of 60-foot electric buses are the ones to blame for the wear and tear on the streets as these buses operate repeatedly every single day. The Red Line Enhancement Project will benefit Indiana residents by providing a more reliable, comfortable and efficient public transportation option. The project will also reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging more people to use buses instead of cars.

IndyGo is undertaking a significant infrastructure improvement project along the Shelby Street corridor. The installation of rubber rails at the red line stations will undoubtedly provide a safer, more comfortable, and convenient experience for riders by reducing the gap between the bus and the platform. Additionally, the re-pouring of concrete with a thicker layer is a commendable step towards enhancing the durability of the infrastructure in the face of wear and tear from the buses.

While the project is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, the temporary closure of the Raymond Street and Pleasant Run red line stations for approximately three weeks may pose a minor inconvenience to drivers. However, given the long-term benefits, such short-term interruptions are well worth the wait. The commitment of IndyGo to continually improve the infrastructure of the transit system is praiseworthy, and this project will undoubtedly improve the overall experience for all riders.

Although the stations were added around three years ago, most of them suffered damages which seems to pose a concern for riders’ safety as well as ruining the overall riding experience. So far, some of the stations have already been upgraded and improved with the rest are about to undergo the process in the upcoming period. Adding the rubber rails to make it safer for riders and cut down on damage to the buses was already something that IndyGo had in their plans, a spokesperson for the company said.

While the project is in the works, IndyGo riders can use the temporary Red Line stations along Shelby Street.

“Public transit is essential for our communities, and the Red Line continues to provide connectivity for my constituents in Garfield Park and Fountain Square. Our community deserves the best public transit system, and I am grateful that IndyGo continues to provide enhancements to the Red Line to ensure better connectivity and accessibility,” Frank Mascari, District 21 said.

The project is funded by IndyGo’s budget and no taxpayer money will be used for the improvements.

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