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Renovations at Keystone Fashion Mall are about to start



Indianapolis, Indiana – In the upcoming weeks, the Fashion Mall at Keystone will undergo a significant makeover.

At the end of the month, Saks Fifth Avenue will close to make room for renovations at the Fashion Mall.

“We have sort of a concept of live, work, dine, play shop, you know, it’s sort of this all-inclusive experience for individuals,” said John Rulli, chief administrative officer for Simon Property Group.

The goal of the 150,000-square-foot renovation project is to expand on this concept by adding office space and retail locations for multiple other fashion firms.

“We’re going to have a large 22,000 square foot high-end furniture user,” said Rulli. “A very, very nice expansive dining and entertainment complex, adjacent to the office complex, that’s going to be pretty special.”

In order to create a plaza, the extension will also extend outside and beyond Saks’ existing footprint.

“You incorporate green space, and outdoor facing shops, and a real sense of place, it takes on a whole different dynamic,” he said.

According to Simon Property Group, this is the ideal location for the change because they have witnessed its success at other malls.

“It just will continue to improve the whole shopping experience here and give our shoppers and the demographic here a lot more from which to choose,” said Rulli.

When work on these renovations starts in August, all other stores will stay open.

“We’re constantly tinkering with certain parts of the center to make it better — to make it shop better, to make it flow better, to make the traffic patterns better for the customer,” he said. “That’s happened here on a pretty continuous basis, but nothing like the order of magnitude that we’re about to do.”

It is anticipated that the renovations would be finished by the end of 2026.