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Rokita unopposed, Beckwith to face McGuire at Indiana GOP convention



Indianapolis, Indiana – Leaders of the Indiana Republican Party announced on Friday that Attorney General Todd Rokita will face no opposition in his bid for a second term at the state party convention.

In compliance with state law, state party conventions choose the nominees for every elected position in the state, with the exception of the governor. Republicans had until Thursday to notify the party whether they intended to run for lieutenant governor or attorney general. A party spokeswoman claims that Rokita is the only contender who filed a nomination for attorney general.

Rokita’s handling of the disciplinary hearings has drawn criticism from some Republicans, particularly in light of his comments regarding Dr. Caitlin Bernard, the Ohio physician who performed an abortion on a 10-year-old rape victim. He has received two disciplinary complaints thus far in the case; the first was regarding comments he made about Bernard, and the second was about his disapproval of the Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling to remove him from the first case. Party sources claim that while some were considering issuing a challenge, none of them actually did.

Preacher Micah Beckwith and state lawmaker Julie McGuire are the only candidates running for lieutenant governor. About a year ago, Beckwith launched her campaign for the job. United States Senator Mike Braun rejected Beckwith and nominated McGuire on May 8, the day after the latter emerged victorious in the gubernatorial contest.

Last week, “All Indiana Politics” was instructed by party insiders that convention delegates are supposed to back McGuire and show respect for Braun.

The Indiana Republican Party Convention is set on June 15.

Candidates for the Democratic convention have not yet met the deadline. The convention of the party is scheduled for July 13. A party official stated that candidates for attorney general and lieutenant governor must submit by May 31 and an unknown date, respectively. Only two Democrats, Destiny Wells and Beth White, have declared officially that they intend to run for attorney general thus far.

As for the lieutenant governor position, no one has filed to run, and Jennifer McCormick, the candidate for governor, has not yet revealed her preference.

Real estate agent Tonya Hudson was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for lieutenant governor during its convention earlier this spring. The party did not nominate a single attorney general.

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