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Serial rapist in Indianapolis gets more than 150 years in jail



Indianapolis, Indiana – A judge gave a serial rapist a prison term of more than 150 years.

Darrell Goodlow entered guilty pleas to nine of the 57 charges he was charged with in March, including eight felony rape counts and one felony act of killing a domestic animal.

Goodlow received a sentence of 156.5 years in prison, which is virtually a life sentence, from Marion Superior Judge Mark Stoner.

Between 2020 and 2021, Goodlow terrorized elderly ladies in Lawrence on the east side of Indianapolis for more than a year. He sometimes pretended to be a utility or service worker to enter the homes of his victims. Eight individuals are known to have died.

Investigators were able to identify Goodlow as a suspect because of a fingerprint found at one of the crime locations. When the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department apprehended him in September 2021, detectives were able to link his DNA to data gathered in all eight incidents.

According to authorities, all but one of the victims resided less than two miles from Goodlow’s east-side residence. Between August 2020 and September 2021, there were three recorded assaults.

Goodlow frequently brandished a knife and demanded payment from his victims. Despite one instance involving three women living together, he targeted ladies who were single. According to the authorities, Goodlow killed their dog during the confrontation.

Finally, 57 counts were brought against Goodlow by the prosecution. 48 of the offenses were dropped in accordance with the terms of his plea bargain. Additionally, he is forbidden from speaking to any of the victims by the agreement.

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