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Storytelling workshop to celebrate black stories in the Circle City



Indianapolis, Indiana – There is tremendous power in the art of storytelling, and two local organizations have joined forces to assist individuals in sharing the impact of their own personal experiences with others.

The Circle City Storytellers and the MELI showroom are bringing the year to a close and will be hosting a workshop called “Final Feast.”

Storytellers in Indianapolis have access to a central hub of digital resources thanks to the Circle City Storytellers. MELI, an acronym that stands for “more equality and less ignorance,” is a posh boutique that encourages community members to cultivate their sense of self-worth and pay attention to the present moment.

The organizations are bringing to a close a workshop series celebrating the strength of black narratives.

Circle City Storytellers claims that the organization’s mission is to break down barriers for black people living in Indianapolis.

The organization operates on the basis of three fundamental principles, the first of which is to provide black storytellers with networking opportunities and access to opportunities to use their skills.

The MELI showroom in Fountain Square will be the location of the final Circle City Storytellers x MELI workshop on Friday, December 16th.