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Students at Hamilton Southeastern have a new dress code



Fishers, Indiana – Hamilton the forthcoming school year, which begins on August 9, may require the children in the Southeastern school system to change their attire.

The dress code underwent some significant adjustments by the school board on Wednesday night.

Some parents claim that the school board did not carefully consider the advice of the instructors when developing the dress code and that they were not included in the process.

The board voted 5-2 to approve the amendments to the dress code.

Students are not permitted to wear clothes that displays offensive or vulgar statements or that exposes their torsos or buttocks in any way.

Students must dress in undies.

During class hours, students are not permitted to wear ballcaps and hoodies must be pulled down.

Parent Stefanie Hunt said that she wasn’t even convinced the board had taken into account teacher opinion on the dress code. “There was no mention of hoodies being an issue in these surveys, from the teachers, from the parents, and now, all of a sudden, we have a new dress code addition to our handbook.”

School Board President Dawn Lang said, “A lot these things are not new to teachers or even to administration. In fact, even hats and hoodies have only been withdrawn for a year. So to put this back into practice and play, and all the anxiety that’s been riddled up about this is a little overblown.”

Hamilton Southeastern officials say teachers have the right to make a few exceptions to the dress code when there is a special event, such as a spirit day, happening.

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