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Sullivan County aid is supported by a national grocery chain



Whiteland, Indiana – Many people in the neighborhood have volunteered to help in any way they can due to the extensive damage caused by the storm on Friday night, including a major grocery store chain.

On Saturday morning, Kroger stated that it has started accepting donations at its central Indiana retail locations to help the Sullivan county relief effort.

Customers will be able to give at Kroger during their in-store checkout, according to Eric Halvorson, a spokesperson for the grocery chain. Customers will be able to choose how much to donate at the register when cashiers have the option to ring up a “disaster relief” donation.

According to Halvorson, this donation differs from the regular round-up donation Kroger uses to fight hunger.

The Whiteland Police Department received word from Halvorson on Saturday that Kroger will be providing pallets of water and snack goods to the shelters established in Sullivan County.

Also, a number of other nearby companies and residents have donated money. Whiteland Police announced on Twitter that they have run out of space to store donations and that they will let people know when they are required again.

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