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Suspect in Purdue dorm murder sent back to mental health hospital



West Lafayette, Indiana – It has been mandated that a guy who is suspected of fatally stabbing his roommate at Purdue University return to a state mental health hospital.

Following a Friday hearing, the decision on Ji Min Sha was made by a court.

Sha declared in court that he works for intelligence. He said he received coded messages from the Central Intelligence Agency.

The court was informed earlier this month that Sha was not taking his antipsychotic prescription drugs on a regular basis. As per the medical care contractor’s report, Sha hasn’t taken his prescription medication more than three times since mid-September. People view him as “non-compliant.”

Later on, a judge mandated that he take the drug.

Sha is charged with killing his roommate Varun Manish Chheda by stabbing him to death in October 2022 in McCutcheon Hall dorm at Purdue University. He faces a murder charge.

For months, the case has revolved around his mental health.

Physicians had earlier concluded that he didn’t understand the court proceedings and fit the criteria for schizophrenia. They subsequently stated that he was competent for trial if he took his medicine and that they thought his competency may be restored at a mental health facility.

Sha’s plea for a fresh competency assessment was granted by the judge. A status conference is scheduled for December 8 and the sanity evaluation is postponed until the competency evaluation is finished.





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