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Swensons opens Monday in Avon



Avon, Indiana – Today, at 11 a.m., Swensons Drive-In will launch its first location in the state of Indiana. Off of Rockville Road, in Avon, at 8894 United States Highway 36, will be where you’ll find the new drive-in restaurant.

Free Galley Boy burgers will be provided to the first one hundred guests who arrive. Swensons has stated that they anticipate a large turnout, and due to the nature of the restaurant being a drive-in, they anticipate that it will likely be busy in the surrounding area on Monday morning.

Swensons, which is based in Ohio, is most well-known for its hamburgers, which Reader’s Digest recognized as being “Ohio’s best burger” during the summer of 2017. The Galley Boy is the company’s most famous burger, and it is a double cheeseburger that is topped with two different secret sauces and a green olive that is speared on a toothpick.

Milkshakes come in eighteen different flavors, and the chain also offers fried bologna sandwiches and something called the Salad Boy, which is a vegetarian alternative to a burger. The “Curb Servers” will bring the food to your vehicle when you order it.

The restaurant in Avon is the chain’s twenty-first location overall. In honor of the significant achievement, the first twenty customers in line will each receive a free year’s supply of Swensons. Additionally, the first one hundred customers in line will receive a free Galley Boy for each vehicle in their party.