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Swimply app allows you to rent a private pool



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Swimply app is like Airbnb for swimming pools.

“They get on the app. They can search for pools in the area, and then they can look for ones based on mileage or price, and see what the requirements are for it, and then sign up to reserve the pool,” said “Lauren,” who rents out her Indianapolis pool but declined to give her name.

“Lauren” says she and her husband have been renting out their pool via the Swimply app for two years now. “My husband and I work from home Monday through Friday and the pool’s not getting used, so we figured we might as well offer it to other people if other people want to use it.”

According to Lauren, it’s been a great option for her customers who don’t want to go a public pool or just can’t find one near them. “I have a lot of stay-at-home parents who bring their kids here. They don’t want to bring their kids to a public pool so they feel safe bringing them to a private pool.”

“Lauren” says she was nervous at first because she didn’t want people possibly getting hurt on her property, but she said Swimply has insurance that covers that. “I don’t want to get in trouble if someone gets hurt, so we looked into upping our property renters insurance as well as what the app offers.”

This is the first summer Christine Larson and her husband have offered their Carmel, Indiana, pool on the Swimply app. “A neighbor said something about the app, and I started researching it and got right on board. I’ve always had this philosophy about using your own assets to make a little extra cash.”

They haven’t had any pool renters yet, but she’s hopeful that will take off with hot days.

Larson said of the app, “It’s very easy to keep up. I love to entertain, so I’m looking forward to people taking advantage of the pool.”

According to Larson, it’s good to know she can offer a resource to someone and make a little cash all at the same time. “I think this is a very safe place to be and just really happy to have my home open.”